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Talk Therapy geared toward helping you gain clarity and health from any shame or confusion you are experiencing right now around sex or relationships.

What to Do If You Are Struggling

Work with me. I am here to listen and provide you with the non-judgmental setting you need to gain clarity about your sexual identities and desires. 

It’s a common human experience to feel tension, worry about the influence of low self-esteem, or become overwhelmed by hopelessness or shame. If this is your experience, or if you’re feeling the manifestation of these experiences as depression, anxiety, addictions, health problems, or other symptoms, consider sex therapy.    

Through the compassionate guidance shared in therapy sessions, I have helped thousands of individuals move towards well-being and empowerment, and I look forward to working together with you. Reach out to me now to learn about how sex therapy can change your perspective and deepen your relationship to yourself & others.

Areas of Specialization

  • Better understanding yourself

  • Working with your attachment style

  • Exploring sexuality/orientation /gender identity

  • Shame around kink/fetishes

  • Problems with sexual functioning

  • Deprogramming religious trauma

  • Alternative approaches to sex practices

  • Orgasm problems (too much/too many/ not enough/not at all)

  • Desire & libido difficulties

  • Lack of knowledge/confidence/skill

  • Explore deeper and more connected sexuality

  • Struggling with sexual confidence/body image

  • Concerns around porn consumption/compulsive behavior

  • Exploring troublesome turn-ons & turn-offs, fantasies & mental/emotional health

Benefits of Individual Therapy

  • Enjoy your sex life free of guilt and shame

  • Learn to effectively talk to your partner about wants and desires

  • Better understand the landscape of your sexuality 

  • Improve self-talk and stop putting yourself down

  • Move towards sexual functionings that feel good to you

  • Reclaim your gender identity or sexual identity with confidence

  • Learn to discuss sexual problems without falling into a negative cycle

  • Learn to communicate from a more emotionally vulnerable place

  • Address unresolved problems

"Desire and self-worth go hand in hand. In order to want, we need to feel deserving.” 

LGBTQ+ Queer & Gender Affirming Counseling

Women's Sexuality (pain, pleasure, fertility and relationship issues)

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