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I am a certified sex therapist in Denver who works with individuals and couples to navigate through intimacy & relationship obstacles. 

Book a 20-minute consultation today to see how getting help and guidance can change your life. Sessions take place in office, over the phone, or by video. 

Sophia O'Connor Psychotherapist Sex Therapist

My Approach

I provide culturally sensitive, sex-positive therapy to individuals and couples in Denver and internationally via Zoom. My practice is built on the fundamental belief that sexual liberation is an issue of both social justice and mental health. Sexuality runs so deeply through every area of a person’s life. Understanding one’s sexuality and owning it, permitting it to express itself fully, leads to a more pleasurable, assertive, and fulfilling life.


My therapy approach emphasizes the importance of pleasure and an understanding of how our past experiences impact our present relationships and barriers to fulfilling intimacy.​

I graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. I also have a Master's in Human Sexuality from The California Institute of Integral Studies. I am a certified sex therapist & relationship counselor.


At the first session, I will gather initial information about the concerns that have led you to seek therapy. If I do not feel I can meet your clinical needs or there is a conflict of interest, I will provide you with referral information for alternate services or therapists.


Sessions take place in my office, over the phone, or on Zoom.


Payment is due at the time of your appointment. I accept credit cards, cash, or checks.


$250 per 50-minute Session for Individuals or Couples 

*Coaching services available for out-of-state non-residents who live outside the state of Colorado. 


I am an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies, meaning your insurance company may reimburse you after-the-fact for a portion of your counseling fees. I’m happy to provide billing statements for you to submit to your insurer. You are ultimately responsible for payment of the therapy session at the time of the session.

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