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Talk Therapy geared toward helping you reclaim your confidence with intercourse & sexual functioning.

What to do if you are struggling

Work with me. I am here to help you figure out if your sexual functioning concern is biological, psychological or a combination. All treatment starts with a sexual history intake & assessment of what the cause of your current sexual functioning concern is.

It’s common for most men to experience erectile functioning concerns at some point in their lifetime. On average 1/3 of all men between 25 and 65 years old in the United States will experience such symptoms for a period of time. This can cause a period of heightened distress, low self-esteem, or lead to feelings of being overwhelmed by hopelessness or shame. If this is your experience, or you suspect you are developing these symptoms, consider sex therapy. The sooner men seek treatment the faster they can recover and go back to their normal sexual functioning.

Through the combination of empirically based methods & and compassionate talk therapy sessions, I have helped thousands of individuals move towards well-being and empowerment, and I look forward to working together with you. Reach out to me now to learn about how sex therapy can change your perspective and help you regain your confidence. 

Areas of Specialization

Erectile dysfunction the main types of male sexual dysfunction are erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting/keeping an erection). Premature ejaculation (reaching orgasm too quickly). Delayed or inhibited ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all).​

Premature Ejaculation occurs in men when semen leave the body (ejaculate) sooner than wanted during sex. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual complaint. As many as 1 out of 3 people say they have it at some time. 

  • Always or nearly always ejaculate within 1 to 3 minutes of penetration

  • Are not able to delay ejaculation during sex all or nearly all the time

  • Feel distressed and frustrated, and tend to avoid sexual intimacy as a result

Delayed Ejaculation is a condition in which it takes an extended period of sexual stimulation for men to reach sexual climax and release semen from the penis (ejaculate). Some men with delayed ejaculation are unable to ejaculate at all.

Peyronie's is a condition in which scar tissue causes your penis to curve or lose length or girth. In some cases, it can cause pain and make it difficult or impossible for you to have sex. Causes may include an injury to your penis or a connective tissue disorder.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

  • Rule out biological factors

  • Enjoy your sex life free of worry and shame

  • Learn to effectively talk to your partner about sexual needs

  • Better understand your sexual psychology

  • Improve self-talk and stop putting yourself down

  • Move towards sexual functionings that feel good to you

  • Reclaim your sexual identity with confidence

  • Learn to communicate from a more emotionally vulnerable place

  • Address unresolved problems

  • Heal any unaddressed trauma

"I don't want to just revolve. I want to evolve. As a man, as a human, as a father, as a lover."

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