Sex Therapy | Couples Counseling

For better intimacy, relationships, and confidence

Whether you are an individual or a couple, your sexuality should not be shied away from in therapy. Sex-positive therapy holds the view that sex is an important part of a healthy adult’s life. Sexuality should neither be neglected nor a source of shame. Sex is an avenue for exploring one’s deeper, erotic self. Through it, we can learn about the unconscious drives and desires that motivate us. In my practice, I’ve found that exploring and developing my client’s erotic language allows them to become more free and confident in their lives outside the therapy room. I use a combination of self-inquiry and experiential exercise assignments to help my clients connect with their sexuality, eliminate their shame and inhibition, and reclaim their birthright as fully developed, confident sexual beings. 

My therapeutic approach also draws from Narrative Therapy. In this method, we work together to gain a better understanding of your existing narratives of self — stories about who you are — which are often outdated and ineffective. Often our stories are heavily impacted by our history, upbringing and current political climate, whether or not we are aware of it.


Together, we can empower you toward the redevelopment and recreation of your storylines about yourself and your life. Your new narrative will emphasize the qualities you most value in yourself and give you the tools to be in the world in a way that feels deeply satisfying. This method offers opportunities for fun, interactive exercises as a means of healing and growing.

Areas of Specialization

I also practice general couples therapy geared to help couples struggling with a wide array of concerns ranging anywhere from communication, infidelity, pre-marital therapy, conscious  uncoupling, divorce, sexual desire gaps, to the mundane disagreements of daily life. My approach to couple's therapy is based on attachment theory and will help you and your partner function more securely as a couple, whatever your goals might be. This is a                     

psychobiological empirically based model of couples therapy that is very 

effective and has proven time and time again to work with even with the

most difficult cases.  

The Key Questions We Ask in Our Relationships:

  • Are you really going to be there for me?
  • Do I really matter to you?

  • Can I turn to you for support and unconditional love?

  • If I am hurting or afraid, will you come to me?

  • Do you value me for who I am? Can I be my real self with you?

  • Are we in this together? Can I count on you to “have my back”?


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